J’ai la tête dans les nuages…

And I’m over the Atlantic. Thanks to a pretty cool option on my personal mini-tv screen , I can see a mini-map, with a mini-plane that confirms this fact. I can also read that we’re going at about 975 km per hour. We’re going fast.

Even though I haven’t actually spent the last two weeks at Mach 0.8, sitting on my rainbow coloured airplane seat and chewing on a bite size pretzel I realize that time did indeed fly…

First there was shopping for a motorcycle helmet, sunscreen, and bug spray. There was also a lot of reading about Ghana, the Northern Region, and my district Bole. (Edit: When I go to Tamale, I learnt that I was going to a different district, Karaga, instead.)  There were goodbyes to friends and family in Sudbury, and then a ride to Toronto with my sister and my mother. Merci encore pour le tour!

Karaga is in the Northern Region, about two hours North-East of Tamale.

Then I had the opportunity to be in Toronto with all of the other Junior Fellow with Engineers Without Borders that are going to be in Ghana for the summer. It was really nice to get the opportunity to get to know these pretty amazing people. I’d suggest clicking on the links at the bottom of this blog to learn more about what they are posting, it sure is interesting! We had a busy week, acquiring new knowledge about rural livelihoods and farming in Ghana, about health and safety, about coaching, goal-setting, and emotions, and also… about my placement!

A few details:

Partner Organization: Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA)
Employment Period: May 9th  to August 25rd
Main Project: Understanding and Evaluating Technology Adoption of Farmers
Sub- Project: Supporting the District Director of Agriculture in the Implementation of a Change Project

From my understanding, there are offices of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture in every district. Each of these offices provides services to the surrounding farmers, including extension work. This is carried out (by appropriately named) Agricultural Extension Agents (AEA). These people are trained agricultural college graduates who provide expertise to farmers, hence extending services to the field. My main project will be to assess the current barriers to technology adoption of farmers and the relationship between this adoption and the work done by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture.
My actual placement might end up being quite different than my current understanding of it. I’ll be learning more about it later this week during in-country training in Ghana and then I’ll jump right into it!
Thanks for reading, I’ll keep you updated, and comments about what I’m writing about or stories about you would are always appreciated!
À la prochaine mes amis!



2 thoughts on “J’ai la tête dans les nuages…

  1. Thanks for the update Marc! I’m so excited that you’ve finally made it to Ghana. I can’t wait to read more, and expect a phone call from me soon!

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